About us

There are some things that no amount of money can buy: the love and pride passed down over generations, the passion and dedication that drives us to be better, the inherent understanding formed from a lifetime spent mastering your craft. These are all qualities that winemaker Campbell Meeks and grower Stuart Barclay share, and it is these qualities that make Wondalma wines so special.

Sitting at an elevation of 720m, in amongst New South Wales’ pristine Snowy Mountains, lies the cool-climate region of Tumbarumba and the extraordinary Wondalma Vineyard. Enjoying a variety of diverse micro-climates, terroir, and Chardonnay clones, it presents a winemaker’s paradise. Getting the best from this vineyard, however, requires daily, hands-on dedication and an inherent understanding of the land that only second-generation grape grower Stuart Barclay and his family could bring.

Producing award-winning fruit for some of the country’s most prestigious Chardonnay wines for over a decade, it’s this consistent excellence that brought award-winning winemaker and Chardonnay enthusiast, Campbell Meeks to Wondalma. With their shared passion, expertise, and infectious enthusiasm for what they do, Wondalma wines promise depth, precision, and elegance. Giving you the opportunity to connect to this breath taking place for yourself.